Admission predictability

Admission predictability

SRACQ is pleased to make this Admission predictability tool available to you. We hope it will help you assess your chances of being admitted to your chosen program and College.

It will also help you discover other programs that may interest you.

For example, if your admission predictability score is fairly close to the most recent results of the last few years, don’t hesitate to apply for this program, but make sure you also select a realistic program choice for the second round.

This tool will never replace the judicious counsel of the people around you—teachers, parents and guidance counsellors—and it shouldn’t keep you from applying for the program of your choice. Its goal is to advise you on where you might be admitted. Remember that the final decision as to where a candidate is admitted is the responsibility of the individual colleges.

Also, since students who have completed their secondary studies via the new academic certification system will be assessed on the basis of competencies, there may be a gap between the scores of students admitted this year and those admitted in previous years.

The admission predictability tool does not guarantee admission in any way; it simply provides information and is not a promise of admission. To begin your eligibility evaluation, click here.

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Last update: 2017-10-19